Grow Your Exports Seminar

  • What is Grow Your Exports Seminar?
    Grow Your Exports Seminar is a branded, trade education program of the Arkansas District Export Council (ArDEC), developed in partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS), that offers consistent, high-quality export education and training to local U.S. exporters. Grow Your Exports Seminar offers low cost training with high cost value.

  • How does Grow Your Exports Seminar work?
    Grow Your Exports Seminar courses are designed as a layered learning approach in three levels: 101, 201, and 301, to provide new and experienced exporters alike with the tools they need to effectively organize their export operations. These courses are differentiated from other export training courses by their structure, content, and branding. They are designed to offer high-quality, consistent trade education and training to exporters within the Arkansas DEC local community.

The next Grow Your Exports seminar will take place at the Arkansas Capital Corporation in Little Rock, Arkansas on December 5th. For more information, contact ArDEC at

Soon, you'll be able to benefit from our Grow Your Exports Seminar program in the comfort of your own home. Check out one of our webinars here.

For Export University webinars, go here.

For more information on upcoming Grow Your Exports Seminar events, contact us or see the calendar.

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