Informational Exporting Videos Videos offers a series of 22 short videos that explain how to get started exporting. The videos are accessible on the website. A short description with a link to each video is provided below:​

The Export Process Overview 






U.S. businesses have a reputation for quality, value, and customer service. As a result, goods and services from the U.S. are in demand all over the world. The U.S. exports 2 trillion goods and services annually. Watch this video to learn how to get started in the export process. 

Are You Export Ready?




To make sure that your company is export ready, you must recognize that successful exporters make the necessary commitments of time and money to their export strategy. In order to expand to international markets, prepare to modify your products and services.  Watch this video to learn about other aspects that should be addressed when considering to export.

My Export Plan






A well thought-out export plan can make the difference between generating a few international sales and achieving real business growth. This video briefly explains different elements that should be included in a successful export plan.

Research the Global Market Place





This video provides basic steps for conducting market research, like how to narrow down markets. Research is crucial to expanding into international markets. 

Select Initial Markets





Research will also help with how to prioritize potential export markets, in order to seek out the best opportunities for your company. The video will help you prioritize your research by outlining the importance of researching similar products in foreign markets, language and local cultural issues, and topics such as product certification, pricing, and regional approaches to exporting.

U.S. Export Regulations





Another question to ask when considering an export strategy is,"Is my company able to export?" This question addresses the topic of export control laws and regulations. This video discusses different components to U.S. export regulations that a company may encounter when exporting.

Foreign Import Regulations





This video provides a roadmap for addressing foreign import regulations, such as safety, quality, and conformity. Foreign import regulations might include registration, testing, labeling, and/or licensing. Watch this video for more information on international regulations. 

Get Export Counseling





The U.S. Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce is a great resource that companies can utilize for export counseling. International trade specialists are staffed at 108 offices around the U.S. Watch this video to learn more about services that the U.S. Commercial Service offers and how your company can benefit from them.

Sales Channels




There are many avenues companies can take to export their products or services. Selling directly to buyers through a website or talking to an international visitor at a trade show are a couple of ways that companies can access these sales channels. Watch this brief video for advice on how to find the right sales channel for your company. 

Find Foreign Buyers Part 1: Customized Services





The U.S. Commerical Service can help your company identify markets, industries, and buyers around the world that are the best prospects for you to successfully export your goods or services. Watch this video to learn about the different services that the U.S. Commerical Service offers. 

Find Foreign Buyers Part 2: Trade Shows





Have you or anyone from your company ever attended a trade show specific to your industry? Trade shows are a great way to gather intelligence, meet buyers, and chat with prospective new partners. Learn more about trade shows and their benefits by watching this video. Visit to find the right trade show for your business. 

Find Foreign Buyers Part 3: Trade Missions





Another great way to find foreign buyers is to attend a trade mission. Visit countries that you are targeting with a group of like-minded individuals. Watch this video and learn how to dive into potential new markets. 

Find Foreign Buyers Part 4: E-Commerce







Recent technological advances and changes in international trade laws have opened up more opportunities for businesses of all kinds through cross-border e-commerce. Consumers are buying more and more from businesses in other countries. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits that e-commerce offers for your company. 

Methods of Payment




One challenge of international business is working out an efficient method of payment. This video discusses different options, such as letters of credit and open accounts. There are risks and benefits to each payment option. You can access the U.S. Commerce Department's trade finance guide at

Export Financing





Exporting your products and services abroad most likely comes with new costs, such as additional materials, labor, and inventory. Adapting to international markets may also require product modifications, international travel, and additional marketing or a whole new marketing strategy. Watch this video to learn about the different resources you can access to finance these new costs. 

Preparing Your Product for Export




In order to export abroad, companies may need to alter their products to make them operable, more marketable, or legally compliant in a foreign nation. It is your responsibility to ensure that your company can legally export your product according to U.S. government regulations. Make sure you have considered all the aspects discussed in this video to ensure that your company is ready to export. 

Introduction to Free Trade Agreements




Countries with free trade agreements with the U.S. are great places to start looking for new markets. These countries generally provide U.S. sellers with lower import duties, which can make your product more competitive. Learn more benefits of free trade agreements by watching this video. 

Shipping Basics





This video explains the importance of shipping efficiently, securely, and legally. It is advisable to compare costs and available services of different shipping companies in order to find the company that best fits your needs. A necessary aspect of shipping includes a written agreement with the buyer, which lays out the responsibilities of both parties. Watch this video to learn about important elements to consider when developing a shipping strategy. 

Pricing and Quotations







In order to export abroad, your company needs to develop an export pricing strategy in order to be competitive in other markets. Watch this video to learn how your export pricing strategy might differ from your pricing strategy in the U.S. 

Export Documentation





Doing business across international borders requires more documentation than doing business across state borders. Documents vary depending on the country of destination, type of product, and payment methods. Learn about the different types of documents you may have to complete in order to have a presence in other countries. 

Protecting Your IP Abroad




Intellectual property is a very valuable intangible asset that should be protected to enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace. IP rights are territorial, meaning they only exist in the country in which the rights are obtained. This is why it is essential to file for IP protection in other countries. Learn more about IP protection in this brief video. 

Business Travel Abroad





An important aspect to international business is to acknowledge business cultural differences between the U.S. and other countries. These details could greatly affect your ability to build trust and deepen relationships with potential foreign partners. Watch this video to gain knowledge on traveling and communicating with business professionals in other countries. 

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