Why Export?

Your company is doing well. Sales are growing, profits are rising, and customers and employees seem happy. Why would you want to go through the risky process of exporting to other countries? Here are three reasons why every profitable business in Arkansas, small or large, should consider exporting:

Selling globally is easier than ever.


Today it is easier than ever for a company of any size to sell goods and services internationally. It is also less expensive. Due to the ubiquity of the Internet throughout the world, if you have a website, you are just a few steps away from selling to someone in Australia, for example. Even as a small company, it is easy to market internationally on the internet, and not much harder to ship your goods and services around the world. Customers across the globe are waiting for your products and services, and it is not too difficult for you to reach them.

Exporting can help your business stay competitive and increase your profits.

More and more U.S. businesses are beginning to export. To stay competitive and to keep profits growing, you should consider it too. Export accounted for nearly 25% of U.S. economic growth during the past decade, and exports are expected to grow by around 10% every year for the next few years. You can be part of the export boom that is occurring in the U.S. economy which could propel your business’ success to the next level, in terms of both profits and prestige.


Export assistance has never been more comprehensive and easier to access.


The Arkansas DEC is here to assist you through every step of the way along your journey to profitable exports. We are comprised of business-members just like you, and we have seen the success that can occur through exporting. Additionally, with close ties to the U.S. Commercial Service Export Assistance Center in Little Rock, we have the resources and connections you need to ensure your export process goes as smoothly as possible.

Exporting is easier than ever and can help your company grow in today's economy. Instead of asking yourself “why export?,” you should be asking yourself, “why not?”

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