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Export Documentation Templates

  • Shippers Letter of Instruction​

    • Company instructions to their freight forwarder. This is typically a multiform used to give instructions to the freight forwarder and to provide information for the Electronic Export Information system or AES.​

  • Packing List

    • This itemizes the contents of each package (box, pallets, skids, etc.) This document includes weights, measurements and detailed contents of each package. It should be attached to the outside of a package and/or included inside the package. This document is used by shippers and forwarders to determine freight costs. It is also used by U.S. and/or foreign customs officials to check the contents of any specific package.​

  • Proforma Invoice

    • This is a quotation in invoice format. This document is not always required, but is often used by buyers to support an application for a Letter of Credit and/or import license.​

  • Commercial Invoice

    • The basic agreement and payment term from seller to buyer. This document contains all pertinent information related to the transaction. Customs officials use this document to determine duties and taxes on goods in the shipment.​

  • Genetic Certificate of Origin

    • States the origin of the products being exported. This document is required by certain countries or by the terms of a letter of credit to verify the country of origin. A local Chamber of Commerce may certify and stamp this form, if required. A standard document exists, but certain countries have a specific form that is required for existing free trade agreements.

  • Tariff Information 

    • FDA ​Tariff Tool: International Trade Administration's Office of Trade Negotiations and Analysis added USMCA to the FTA Tariff Tool. The FTA Tariff Tool allows the public to find the tariff treatment and product specific rules of origin for all products covered under U.S. Free Trade Agreements. The FTA Tariff Tool can be found here.


Key Government Offices


  • Info about USMCA for businesses: ​​

    • Businesses can be directed here to learn more about USMCA ​

  • Determine the tariff classification number (Schedule B Number) of the finished product(s). This number can be found at

  • Check the duty rate for the product being shipped to Canada or Mexico. If the duty rate for "Most Favored Nations" is zero, a USMCA certificate is not necessary. If there is a duty and the product qualifies for NAFTA, the customer can receive preferential duty rates on the product. Duty rates can be found by calling the U.S. Trade Information Center at 1-800-USATRADE (please have the first six digits of the Schedule B Number ready. Check the duty rate for Canada by visiting the following website here
    Determine the USMCA rule of origin that applies to the finished product. The rule of origin can be found here.

  • Prepare a list of components and materials used to produce the finished product.

  • Determine which of the components or materials used to produce the finished product are originating and which are NON-ORIGINATING.

  • Determine the tariff classification of all NON-ORIGINATING components or materials.

  • Apply the rules of origin and determine whether the change in tariff classification occurs and/or whether the regional value content is met for NON-ORIGINATING components or materials.

  • Some other documents you will need:

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Some of the following countries only require inspection if the invoice is over a certain value or only on certain types of products. Consult with the company listed below that has contracted with the government of the country for pre-shipment inspections. Phone numbers and websites are listed for inspection companies. This update does not include countries serviced by Control Union Inspection, Inc.

  • Angola - Societe Generale Surveillance, Bureau Veritas

  • Bangladesh - Bureau Veritas, Intertek Testing, Inspectorate

  • Benin - Bureau Veritas

  • Bolivia - Inspectorate America Corp., Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Burkina Faso - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Burundi - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Cambodia - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Cameroon - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Central African Republic - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Comoros - Cotecna

  • Congo (Democratic Republic) - Bureau Veritas, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Cote d'Ivoire - Bureau Veritas, Cotecna

  • Ecuador - Cotecna, Intertek Testing, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Ethiopia - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Ghana - Bureau Veritas, Cotecna

  • Guinea - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • India - Inspectorate America Corp.

  • India (Secondary Steel) - Societe Generale Surveillance, Inspectorate America Corp.

  • Indonesia (Waste and Used Equipment) - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Iran - Bureau Veritas, Intertek Testing, Inspectorate America Corp.

  • Iran (Voluntary Trade Facilitation Program) - Inspectorate America Corp.

  • Kenya - Cotecna, Bureau Veritas, Intertek Testing

  • Kuwait - Intertek Testing

  • Liberia - Bureau Veritas

  • Madagascar - Bureau Veritas, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Malawi - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Mali - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Mexico - Bureau Veritas, Intertek Testing, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Moldova - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Mauritania - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Mozambique - Intertek Testing

  • Niger - Cotecna

  • Nigeria - Intertek Testing, Cotecna, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Peru - Bureau Veritas, Cotecna, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Russia (GOST Certification Services) - Inspectorate America Corp.

  • Rwanda - Intertek Testing

  • Saudi Arabia - Intertek Testing

  • Senegal - Cotecna

  • Sierra Leone - Bureau Veritas

  • Tanzania - Cotecna

  • Togo - Cotecna

  • Uzbekistan - Intertek Testing, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Venezuela - Intertek Testing, Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Zanzibar - Societe Generale Surveillance

  • Inspection Companies

  • Bureau Veritas - 305/593-7878,

  • Cotecna - 703/814-4000,

  • Societe Generale Surveillance - SGS - 212/482-8700,

  • Intertek Testing Service - 305/513-3000,

  • Inspectorate America Corp. - 305/599-1124,

  • Control Union Inspection Inc. - 504/227-2025,

Wood Packaging and Phytosanitary Requirements

For information about Wood Packaging Requirements and Phytosanitary Certificates please contact:

Kevin Connors, State Plant Health Director
P.O. Box 18
St. Paul, MN 55111
Phone: 612-725-1722 
Fax: 612-725-1723

Solid Wood Packaging Materials – Export related: 
Animal, Plant, Health, Inspection Service (APHIS): http://www.aphis.usda.g

Export Compliance

Federal Government Agencies

  • See list of Federal Government agencies related to exporting. 


Finding a Freight Forwarder


What are Incoterms?


Find Trade Partners

U.S. Commercial Service: Arkansas U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) offers the trade counseling, market intelligence, business matchmaking, and commercial diplomacy you need to connect with lucrative business opportunities. In addition, we will help you to develop trade finance and insurance strategies that align with your particular business objectives and help you complete your export transaction.


We will work with you to identify and tailor the right mix of U.S. Commercial Service capabilities to achieve your exporting goals. Please note, availability of some services may vary based on international market conditions and or staffing. Please see our official webpage at

We encourage all exporters to contact our office and see how the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) can help your business succeed in global markets. Simply call, or send us an email, and we will set up an appointment to meet you at your place of business or our office in the Simmons Tower in Downtown Little Rock. 


Contact James Aardappel at or at 501-324-5797.

World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI)

The WTO has launched a new World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI) designed to provide “real time” information on trends in global trade. Combining a variety of trade-related indices, the WTOI is designed to give an early signal of the current direction of world trade and where it is likely to go in the near future. In this way the WTOI should signal turning points in world merchandise trade volume. It complements existing tools such as the WTO’s longer-term trade forecasts, and other statistical releases.

Google's Global Market Finder

This free online application can help you find new markets for your products by lifting language and location barriers that could otherwise hinder your business. Learn more here.

Arkansas Trade Statistics

The World Trade Center Arkansas (ARWTC) now offers three comprehensive, multimedia resource libraries with the latest and most powerful trade information concerning the state of Arkansas. Under the TRADE tab on the ARWTC website you will find information relating to Arkansas-Mexico trade, Arkansas-Canada trade, and Arkansas global trade. Follow the links below to view all three libraries​​:

EU Privacy Shield

EU Privacy Shield and GDPR was put in place in May 2018, which will affect all U.S. Companies, even if they do not export to the EU. It has huge financial repercussions to companies that are storing any information on European citizens. Penalties can be levied up to the greater of ten million euros or two percent of global gross turnover for violation of record-keeping, security, breach notifications, and privacy impact assessment obligations. Follow the links below for more information​​:

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